Hotel Management

Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

.Brief Job Description: The individual at work registers the guest, addresses their queries, allots the rooms, handles payments and ensures smooth stay of the guest. Personal Attributes: -The job requires the individual to have: presentable looks, attention to details, politeness, cheerful disposition, healthy habits, commitment, and be able to work in standing position for long hours Front Office Associate Course. Welcoming the guest Front Office Associate Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC1. greet the customer as per organization’s guideline on arrival at hotelPC2. make guest comfortable and feel good by offering a smilePC3. maintain eye contact while interacting with the guestPC4. look presentable and follow grooming standards Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Checking for room availability and reservation status:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC5. interact with guest and identify if they are walk-in customer or reserved guestPC6. if they have walked in, check for availability of rooms as per guest requirementPC7. inform guest about different type of rooms and confirm on guest preference Front Office Associate Course.Completing guest registration Front Office Associate Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC8. collect information and documents from new guest or recheck of repeat guest, the details required for guest registration as per organisation’s standards and government rulesPC9. cross check the identity document details of the guests against originalPC10. complete the registration details after interacting with the guest on details including room type, room number, tariff details, meal plan and payment method Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

C11. receive guest signature on completed guest registration documentPC12. record the information on all fields in the hotel management systems Allotting the room as per guest preference Front Office Associate Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able tC9. check for availability of room as per guest preference in the system / log in register Front Office Associate Course.PC10. inform walk-in guest about any non-availability of room and inform next time and date of room availabilityPC11. allot the room if it is already blocked for the guest as per reservation status and instructionC12. check and allot guests in a group in adjacent rooms on same floorPC13. for the regular guest, check availability and allot room as per preference of the guestPC14. allot the room as per company guidelines, e.g., preference to reserved guestsPC15. ensure guests are satisfied with room allocation as per their preference Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Handling upgrade, downgrade and emergency scenario Front Office Associate Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC16. inform guest about non availability of the preferred type of room, e.g., because of late check out by the guestPC17. allot alternate room on non-availability of preferred rooms and ensure transfer to the preferred room at the earliestPC18. upgrade the guest to a superior room type if the requested room is not availablePC19. inform guest on upgrade, reason, facilities in the upgraded room, tariff detailC20. inform guest on any downgrade, reason, tariff and facilities in the room Front Office Associate Course.PC21. allot the room on guest confirmation and transfer when superior room becomes availabilitPC22. handle upgrade and downgrade as per directions of Front Office Manager Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Achieving productivity standards:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC23. convert enquiry to salesPC24. convince walk in guest to stay in the hotelPC25. book guest reservation / confirmation with minimal discountPC26. contribute in achieving the hotel’s profit margin and guest occupancy targets Assisting the guest on any requirement Front Office Associate Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC1. ask for any requirement form guest during check inPC2. arrange for materials / consumables as requiredPC3. coordinate with different department such as housekeeping, food & beverage, to fulfil guest requirementC4. inform travel desk on guest requirement such as cab booking, sight-seeing, travel ticket booking, etc.PC5. ensure the guest are attended at every instance of their request and not ignored Front Office Associate Course. Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Responding to guest queries:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC6. answer to guest queries regarding any offerings within the hotel, nearby tourist or office locations, etc.PC7. assist guests on their query regarding ideal transportation, restaurants in the city, shopping area, etc.PC8. attend and respond to the clarification requested on operation of any equipment / controls inside the room Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Delivering message or materials to guest:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC13. revert to guest on any request on time (turn-around time as per organization guideline)PC14. ensure the guest are satisfied all the time Front Office Associate Course.Receiving payment method details from guest:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC1. seek details of mode of payment (cash, cheque, credit card, etc.) PC2. seek details of the organization if the payment would be made directly by a corporate entityPC3. inform Front Office Manager about guest from registered or affiliated organizations and seek confirmationPC4. inform guests about any offers (bank card tie ups ensuring discount for guests)PC5. seek details of payment for a group check-inPC6. check if room payment has already been made via online reservationPreparing the invoice:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC7. prepare advance receipt on advance payment by the guest Front Office Associate Course. Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

PC8. receive invoice pertaining to the guest from various facilities or departments such as restaurants, cafeteria, bar / pub, spa, salon, etc.PC9. ensure guest signature is present on all invoicesPC10. attach all invoices to guest primary accountC11. ensure all bills are current and updated in the hotel system PC12. prepare a master invoice for a group check iPC13. prepare the bill under company name and mention details if the payment is directly done by the corporate entityPC14. prepare the invoice as per agreed tariff, applicable discount, applicable taxes, details of customer and other mandatory requirementsReceiving the payment:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC15. inform guest on the invoices preparedPC16. confirm and get a clearance from the guest on details of billingPC17. receive the payment from guest PC18. check the authenticity of currency notes (during cash payment)PC19. handle credit / debit cards in front of the guest and return the card after the transactioPC20. inform guest about any failed transaction and get confirmation for further swiping of the card PC21. receive guest signature on the payment advice document (customer and merchant copy) PC18. communicate feedback of customer to senior, especially, the negative feedbackPC25. use polite language PC7. ensure that the customer feels safe at all times without being over threatened by the security procedures and related environment PC6. ensure the workplace is well ventilated with fresh air supplyTo be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Taking precautionary health measures:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC21. report on personal health issues related to injury, food, air and infectious diseases PC22. ensure not to go for work if unwell, to avoid the risk of being spread to other people PC23. use a tissue, cover the mouth and turn away from people while sneezing or coughing PC24. wash hands on using these tissues after coughing and sneezing and after using the wastesPC25. ensure to use single use tissue and dispose these tissues immediatelyPC26. coordinate for the provision of adequate clean drinking waterPC27. ensure to get appropriate vaccines regularlyPC28. avoid serving adulterated or contaminated foodPC29. undergo preventive health check-ups at regular intervalsPC30. take prompt treatment from the doctor in case of illness. have a general sense of hygiene and appreciation for cleanliness for the benefit of self and the customers or local communityPC5. take preventive measures to avoid risk of burns and other injury due to contact with hot surfaces such as stoves, gas, fire, hot liquids, hot foods, hot oil, etc.PC23. practice ergonomic lifting, bending, or moving equipment and supplies PC3. practice short oral conversations in the language, preferably, with colleagues or fellow trainees Front Office Associate Course(6 Month)

Terms & Conditions of Offline Class

Offline Class —(Totally Free Of Cost)

Offline class Its mean you Direct Go to Our Institute and Take admission there, after the admission you have to join direct class

there is a totally free of cost no charge ,, even you will get Rs 50 every day from Government

every day , There Is a three Time Of classes

a) 8:00am to 12:00pm

b)12:00pm to 4:00pm

c)4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

you can take any time for class regarding your needs , you have to select any one time for regular attending the class

But one thing Must be Remember you have to attain at least 80% of total class, As example if class is 180 days then you have to attain minimum 150 days , other wise your registration will be cancel, and you cant sit on exam and you will also not get certificate

Terms & Conditions of Online Class

Online Class Time – 12:00 pm to 01:00pm ( Two Days In a Week ) , If You have No Time at 12: 00 pm then You can see the class before 8:00 pm after that your attendance will be close,

Online Class And Mark sheet Details

Online Class And Mark sheet Details,

 All over India GPRS Studio Provide you Free Online Class And Free Certificate..

Online Classes are Totally Free for All Indian, You can Attend Our Online Classes in Youtube Channel GPRS Studio at home by your Phone /Laptop/ Mobile/Computer etc .

Its total 6 Months Class .. Two days In a Week ,

If you Need Certificate the you should have to attended all Classes Regularly Time to Time  and  And Share A Registration Number For your Attendance, Which we will provide you after complete admission. When Your 80% Attendance will be Complete then You should attend Assessment or Exam For Certificate And Mark sheet.

There Are Some Terms And conditions to eligible for Certificate And Mark sheet

  1. Need 80% Online Class Attendance By Registration Number
  2. attend Online Exam and Interview
  3. You Have To Pay Certificate Currier Charge Rs 2000 (Two thousand Rupees Only)


Only You have to pay Rs 2000/-(two thousand Rupees Only ) For The Certificate Courier Charge,

When you selected For Free Certificate And Mark sheet Or pay based Certificate And Mark sheet then your government registration process will be start , We give you a Registration Certificate , When you Will Start Your Online Class Every Day you will Put The Registration number With Us for attendance.

As Example Registration Certificate will be like the

This Certificate is valid for All India Government and private both sector and this certificate is also valid 129 Countries of The World, And by this certificate you can Attend All ou  interviews  And job Section ..