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Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Brief Job Description:- The individual at work undertakes systematic cleaning of kitchen ware, table ware, kitchen appliances, and equipment that aid in cooking and maintains inventory of kitchenware, dishware and related materials for smooth kitchen operationsPersonal Attributes:- The job requires the individual to have physical fitness for heavy lifting, working in standing position for long hours and in hot and humid environment. Speech impaired person may also be employed in this job Kitchen Steward Assessing the work requirements and area of operation Kitchen Steward Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:C1. interact with supervisor and understand the routine work involved in the departmentPC2. identify the work areas where individual will be assignPC3. identify the key parameters for performance evaluationPC4. sign the timesheet / attendance on a daily basiPC5. identify the workplace procedures, do’s and don’t’s in the work, etc.Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

 PC6. identify the day’s cleaning activities to be performedPC7. identify the areas of operation for the day workPC8. prepare for any banquet service requirement (if any)PC9. identify the work area and cleanliness requireFree Kitchen Steward Course (1year DiplomamentC10. understand safety practices, requirement of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used, etc. hocking for material availability and condition Kitchen Steward Course:-To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC11. interact with kitchen supervisor and identify the material requiremePC13. ensure that adequate material is available to ensure smooth cooking operation Kitchen Steward Course.PC14. identify the equipment, tools, materials, consumables required for cleaning (kitchen related) activityPC15. ensure the availability and quality of the material is adequate as per standardsPC16. check visually for water quality and inform for any variances

Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Planning for cleaning activity Kitchen Steward Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC17. identify the day’s cleaning requirement including any banquet services, areas of cleaning, utensil, etc. PC18. obtain the necessary materials, cleaning agents, equipment required for cleaningPC19. check for manual / standard operating procedure (SOP) on usage of equipmentPC20. wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as per standard procedurePC21. collect / receive materials (tableware, kitchenware, etc.) for sorting and cleanings Adhering to sanitation guideline Kitchen Steward Course:-To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:C22. adhere to the organization guideline on sanitation and cleanliness as per standards and guideline, For example: standards by Food, Safety and Standards Association of India (FSSAI)PC23. follow recommended standard procedure for cleaning, washing and disposal of garbagePC24. place warning signs in the areas of cleaning (floor, equipment) as per procedure Kitchen Steward Course. Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Receiving and sorting kitchen utensils and dishware:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC1. plan for the day’s cleaning requirement in different areas such as kitchen, banquet, storage area, equipment, etc.PC2. receive the materials to be cleaned from respective department / section as per the instruction PC3. receive the used kitchen utensils from the kitchen department for cleaningPC4. receive the soiled dishware from the point of servicePC5. sort the materials for cleaning by type, size, equipment, cleaning agents and usagePC6. report any damage of material during receiving to the supervisors Cleaning and sanitizing the materials manually Kitchen Steward Course:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC7. follow wash, rinse and sanities method of cleaningPC8. ensure the water used for washing is as per desired purity and temperaturePC9. wash the dishware with detergent / cleaning agents in hot water (preferably)PC10. clean pots, pans, etc., and remove all types of stains Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

PC11. select and use the appropriate abrasive material for cleaningPC12. rinse the dishware after washing in hot water to remove detergent / cleaning agentPC13. sanities in warm water or in steam / hot airPC14. dry the kitchen ware after washingPC15. polish the silver and metal ware as per requirement Kitchen Steward Course.PC16. place the cleaned kitchen ware and dishware in designated aria earning and sanitizing materials using machine:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC17. operate dishwashing machinePC18. identify the controls of dishwashing machinePC19. place the materials appropriately in the designated area in the machine toensure smooth cleaning PC20. refill cleaning agent in the machine as per requirementPC21. safely remove the cleaned utensils, dishware from the machine without any damagePC22. ensure sanitation of utensils and dishware after cleaningPC23. clean and ensure proper maintenance of the dish-wash machine Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Achieve quality and hygiene standards:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC24. clean and sanitise all the kitchenware and dishware as per SOPC25. ensure availability of cleaned materials for cooking and serving customersPC26. make customers satisfied with level of cleanliness and hygienePC27. achieve zero customer complaints on stains in dishware / kitchenwarePC28. adhere to documentation process of cleaning as per organization policy  Cleaning the kitchen area:- o be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC1. schedule cleaning activity in a way that it does not disturb cooking or other activityPC2. clean the kitchen area using appropriate cleaning agent Kitchen Steward Course.PC3. mop the kitchen floor and path way
PC4. place sign boards while cleaning floor area, path ways, etcPC5. clean the cooking surface / equipment using appropriate cleaning agentsPC6. clean equipment such as refrigerator, freezer, oven, etcPC7. inform engineering department for periodic maintenance of cooking equipmentPC8. sanitise the equipment as per requirement Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Cleaning and maintaining food containers and storage area:-To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to: PC9. clean the pantry areaPC10. ensure pest control in kitchen and storage area Kitchen Steward Course.PC11. sealing up used ingredientPC12. ensure the food storage area is clean and maintained as per standardsPC13. ensure that food ingredient containers are stored appropriately and are cleaned periodically PC14. dispose spillage and clean the surface after cookingPC15. ensure the dirt water is drained appropriately after cleaning Kitchen Steward Coursed Achieving hygiene standards:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC16. follow standard procedure for handling materials, usage of consumables, cleaningPC17. achieve high standard of hygiene in the kitchen areaStoring the materials:- To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:PC1. ensure that food materials are stored as per the standard procedure in the required ambient, hot or dry conditionsPC1. store the materials in the designated location / signage for easy identification by anyone Kitchen Steward Course.PC2. store the cleaning materials after usePC3. place and store any hazardous material in the designated area and away from public reacPC4. follow standard material handling procedure while moving materials for storingFree Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma

Ensuring optimum inventory level in the storage:-To be competent, the user/ individual must be able to:
PC5. interact with storekeeper and refill the stock as per requirement Kitchen Steward Course.
PC6. replace cleaning agents, abrasives, etc., for cleaning the dishwarePC7. replace broken / damaged glassware, kitchenware, dishware and ensure adequate inventorC8. check with kitchen head on material requirement / ingredient and ensure
availability in the storage areaPC9. replenish, replace and refill supplies as per organization procedure
PC10. check that holders contain the correct amount of consumables Kitchen Steward Course.
PC11. follow the manufacturers’ instructions correctly when refilling or replacing Free Kitchen Steward Course (1year Diploma


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Online Class And Mark sheet Details,

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