Free Pharmacy Assistant Course (1year Diploma Course)

Brief Job Description:- Pharmacy Assistants work under the direct of a registered pharmacist and perform many pharmacy-related functions. They refer any questions regarding prescriptions, drug information, or health matters to a pharmacist. They review prescriptions or requests for refills that they receive from patients and nurse.Personal Attributes:- Pharmacy Assistants should demonstrate strong customer service and teamwork skills because they interact with patients, co-workers, and health care professionals. They should have good mathematics, spelling, reading skills and knowledge about the medical terminologies. Pharmacy assistants should be alert, observant, organised, dedicated, and responsible. They should be willing and able to take directions, but be able to work independently without constant instruction Pharmacy Assistant Course.Receive prescription and assist pharmacist in verify that information is complete Pharmacy Assistant Course:- To be competent, the user/individual on the job must be able to: PC1. Read the prescription carefullyPC2. Assist pharmacist to maintain patient confidentiality when receiving verbal, electronic or transferred prescriptionPC3. Assist pharmacist in reviewing prescriptions to confirm that they are complete, authentic and meet all current laws, regulations and policies Pharmacy Assistant Course PC4. Assist pharmacist in determining whether the prescription meets all legal requirements, and where it does not, notify the pharmacist and follow up using applicable policies and effective communication Free Pharmacy Assistant Course (1year Diploma Course)

Free Pharmacy Assistant Course (1year Diploma Course)

 PC5. Assist pharmacist in inspecting the prescription for authenticity and signs of tampering and that prescription is as per current laws, regulations and policies for non-authentic or fraudulent prescriptionsecord and select the correct medicines for dispensing Pharmacy Assistant Course:- To be competent, the user/individual on the job must: PC1. Record prescription information in the patient profile or health rePC2. Verify entered prescription information against the original prescription Pharmacy Assistant CourC3. Select drugs consistent with applicable laws, regulations and policies including interchangeabilPC4. Retrieve, count, or measure quantities of druPC5. Verify prescription prPC8. Answer patient’s questions, referring them to the pharmacist if the question requires patient assessment, clinical analysis or application of therapeutic knowledPC9. Reinforce the availability of the pharmacist for discussion or recommendations Pharmacy Assistant CoPC10. Manage billing and payment for prescription products/medicC11. Identify and resolve billing or adjudication issues encountered when processing prescriptions PC12. Identify and refer to the pharmacist patients who have discrepancies between their current drug therapy and their recent or intended drug theraC13. Provide information that does not require application of therapeutic knowledge to patients requiring assistance in selecting non-prescription drugs and medical devicPC14. Instruct patients about the operation and maintenance of medical devices Pharmacy Assistant Course.Reading Free Pharmacy Assistant Course (1year Diploma Course)

Free Pharmacy Assistant Course (1year Diploma Course)

 KB6. The sources of information that can be accessed to maintain an awareness of research and developments in one’s area of woKB7. The difference between direct and indirect supervision and autonomous practice, and which combination is most applicable in different circumstancKB8. The risks to quality and safety arising fro1 Working outside the boundaries of competence and aKB9. The importance of individual or team compliance with legislation, protocols, and guidelines and organisational systems and requirements1.The principle of meeting the organisation’s needs, and how this should enable one to recognise one’s own limitations and when one should seek support from others Free Pharmacy Assistant Course (1year Diploma Course)

If you Need Certificate the you should have to attended all Classes Regularly Time to Time  and  And Share A Registration Number For your Attendance, Which we will provide you after complete admission. When Your 80% Attendance will be Complete then You should attend Assessment or Exam For Certificate And Mark sheet.

There Are Some Terms And conditions to eligible for Certificate And Mark sheet

  1. Need 80% Online Class Attendance By Registration Number
  2. attend Online Exam and Interview
  3. You Have To Pay Certificate Currier Charge Rs 2000 (Two thousand Rupees Only)


Only You have to pay Rs 2000/-(two thousand Rupees Only ) For The Certificate Courier Charge,

When you selected For Free Certificate And Mark sheet Or pay based Certificate And Mark sheet then your government registration process will be start , We give you a Registration Certificate , When you Will Start Your Online Class Every Day you will Put The Registration number With Us for attendance.

As Example Registration Certificate will be like the

This Certificate is valid for All India Government and private both sector and this certificate is also valid 129 Countries of The World, And by this certificate you can Attend All ou  interviews  And job Section ..

Terms & Conditions of Offline Class

Offline Class —(Totally Free Of Cost)

Offline class Its mean you Direct Go to Our Institute and Take admission there, after the admission you have to join direct class

there is a totally free of cost no charge ,, even you will get Rs 50 every day from Government

every day , There Is a three Time Of classes

a) 8:00am to 12:00pm

b)12:00pm to 4:00pm

c)4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

you can take any time for class regarding your needs , you have to select any one time for regular attending the class

But one thing Must be Remember you have to attain at least 80% of total class, As example if class is 180 days then you have to attain minimum 150 days , other wise your registration will be cancel, and you cant sit on exam and you will also not get certificate

Terms & Conditions of Online Class

Online Class Time – 12:00 pm to 01:00pm ( Two Days In a Week ) , If You have No Time at 12: 00 pm then You can see the class before 8:00 pm after that your attendance will be close,

Online Class And Mark sheet Details

Online Class And Mark sheet Details,

 All over India GPRS Studio Provide you Free Online Class And Free Certificate..

Online Classes are Totally Free for All Indian, You can Attend Our Online Classes in Youtube Channel GPRS Studio at home by your Phone /Laptop/ Mobile/Computer etc .

Its total 6 Months Class .. Two days In a Week ,