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Electrician Course Diploma Free

Electrician Courses Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Qualification Requirements: 8 pass
  • Age Requirements: 17 to 50


Admission Process of Electrician Course

Diploma and Certificate Courses of Electrician course

  1. Offline Class
  2. Online Class

Offline Class —( Electrician course Totally Free Of Cost)

Offline class Its mean you Direct Go to Our Institute and Take admission there, after the admission you have to join direct class

every day , There Is a three Time Of classes

a) 8:00am to 12:00pm

b)12:00pm to 4:00pm

c)4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

you can take any time for class regarding your needs , you have to select any one time for regular attending the class

But one thing Must be Remember you have to attain at least 80% of total class, As example if class is 180 days then you have to attain minimum 150 days , other wise your registration will be cancel, and you cant sit on exam and you will also not get certificate ,

Online Class of Electrician course

Online Electrician course Class Means You have to study Online throw out Your mobile phone ,tab, Computer, Laptop Etc From Your Home ,Teacher Will Teach you and guide You from the institute and he/she will give you home work, after the complete the course , you will seat on the exam through Online and then you will get Certificate ,marksheet and Registration Number , all the Document Will send to your register address and your register mail id , You have to pay Rs2000(Two Thousand ) for currier charge ,


Electrician course Courses

  • Electrician
  • Wireman
  • Electrical Machine operator
  • Welder
  • Instructor- for this Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming an instructor in ITIs.
  • Supervisor(after experience)
  • Technician

The course starts with basic safety practices. Further, you will be taught the following topics- 

Basic Electricity

Effect of electric current

Wiring systems


Electrical machines

transmission and distribution.

and others, all the subjects will have practical and theory parts. detailed syllabus of this course is given below- 

Table of Contents

SECTOR: CONSTRUCTION of Electrician course
SUB-SECTOR: Real Estate and Infrastructure Construction
ALIGNED TO: NCO-2004/7137.2
This job role installs temporary lighting arrangement necessary for construction activities
and carries out basic electrical wiring installations (LV) at temporary/permanent

Brief Job Description: Assistant Electrician will be assisting level-4 electrician or superior
in electrical work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of temporary LV electrical
connections at the construction sites and permanent connections at residential and
commercial buildings. The individual will be engaged in laying conduits for LV single phase
wiring with appropriate selection and use of hand and power tools efficiently.
Personal Attributes: The job holder is expected to be physically fit and should be able to
work across various locations in withstanding extreme conditions while working at the
site; well versed with tasks and functions of basic electrical work. The person must be
able to work within a team, handle the various tools and materials related to electrical
work safely, consciously and take responsibility for own work.

S.No Modules and Units Page No

  1. Introduction 1
    Unit 1.1 – Introduction to training program 3
    Unit 1.2 – An overview of construction sector, subsectors and occupations 5
    Unit 1.3 – Description of roles for an assistant electrician 6
    Unit 1.4 – Basic concepts of electricity 9
  2. Generic Skills (CON/N8001, CON/N8002) 13
    Unit 2.1 – Work effectively in a team 15
    Unit 2.2 – Plan and organize work to meet expected outcome 17
  3. Health and Safety While Performing Electrical Works (CON/N9001) 21
    Unit 3.1 – Maintain the work area, tools and machines 23
    Unit 3.2 – Personal health and safety 26
    Unit 3.3 – Waste disposal 28
  4. Electrical Drawings 31
    Unit 4.1 – Wiring symbols, single line diagram and electrical specifications 33
  5. Select and Use Electrical Tools, Devices and Materials Relevant to
    Construction Electrical Works (CON/N0602) 37
    Unit 5.1 – Introduction to electrical tools, equipment,
    materials, devices, conduits and fixtures 39
  6. Temporary Electrical Works at Construction Site (CON/N0603) 49
    Unit 6.1 – Cable laying through poles 51
    Unit 6.2 – Direct cable laying 57
    Unit 6.3 – Cable laying by draw-in method 60
  7. Electrical Wiring at Permanent Structure and Earthing (CON/N0604) 65
    Unit 7.1 – Conduit laying, wiring and fixing the fixtures through brick structures 67
    Unit 7.2 – Earthing and its types 72
    Unit 7.3 – Conduit laying through concrete structures (slab) 77
    Facilitator Guide
    Table of Contents

  8. S.No Modules and Units Page No
  9. Installation and Maintenance of Temporary LV Electrical Panels (CON/N0605) 83
    Unit 8.1 – Installation, fault checking and maintenance of temporary LV electric panels 85
  10. Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills 89
    Unit 9.1 – Personal strengths & value systems 92
    Unit 9.2 – Digital Literacy: A recap 122
    Unit 9.3 – Money matters 131
    Unit 9.4 – Preparing for employment & self employment 148
    Unit 9.5 – Understanding entrepreneurship 163
    Unit 9.6 – Preparing to be an entreprene