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Admission Process of Computer Course

Diploma and Certificate Courses of Computer

  1. Offline Class
  2. Online Class

Offline Class —Computer (Totally Free Of Cost)

Offline class Its mean you Direct Go to Our Institute and Take admission there, after the admission you have to join direct class

every day , There Is a three Time Of classes

a) 8:00am to 12:00pm

b)12:00pm to 4:00pm

c)4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

you can take any time for class regarding your needs , you have to select any one time for regular attending the class

But one thing Must be Remember you have to attain at least 80% of total class, As example if class is 180 days then you have to attain minimum 150 days , other wise your registration will be cancel, and you cant sit on exam and you will also not get certificate ,

Online Class

Online Class Means You have to study Online throw out Your mobile phone ,tab, Computer, Laptop Etc From Your Home ,

Teacher Will Teach you and guide You from the institute and he/she will give you home work, after the complete the course , you will seat on the exam through Online and then you will get Certificate ,marksheet and Registration Number , all the Document Will send to your register address and your register mail id , You have to pay Rs2000(Two Thousand ) for currier charge ,

The importance of taking up computer courses has increased over time and all thanks to the Digital Revolution. Some 15 years back the computer was a luxury and not everyone could afford it but, in today’s developing era computer has become our lifeline.

From Facebook to Google, Amazon to Flipkart, online banking, and ticket booking everything is computerized. Now, humans almost live on the computer because it has made life easier and more comfortable.

Nevertheless, it is important to know all about it and be a pro through various computer courses. 

Keeping updated with the changing times is a new era need and keeping that in mind, today we would like to discuss the various online computer courses that one must pursue to stay relevant and increase their market value. 

Why Should You Opt for Computer Courses? 

1. Market Need

In a country like India, where the use of computers and internet is increasing each year, the best step is to learn through online computer courses.

It is always advisable to go with the market trends and with increased usage of computer, IT companies are gaining popularity thus taking up a computer course is the need of the hour. 

2. Job Security

Jobs these days are limited, and the competition for these jobs is increasing every day. This has led to the unemployment of a large number of qualified young men and women.

This is where online computer courses come handy. These online computer courses are usually completed in less time. Further, they guarantee easy jobs.

3. International Scope

India has become a pool of talented  IT professionals and Indian computer professionals have contributed largely to the growth and development of the IT sector in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. 

Apart from these countries, a huge number of employment opportunities are waiting for Indian computer professionals are being opened for Indian computer professionals in Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, etc.

Thanks to a global demand for IT services, which is around USD $70 trillion for many new and exciting international careers are opened up for computer professionals.

4. Make the World Better

With the increasing usage of computers, it has now become a necessity and has contributed immensely to all sectors like health development, transport, banking, communications etc.

Technology has made so much easier and simpler, but this didn’t happen all of a sudden by some magic, Instead, computer professionals used their talent and knowledge to give to humanity the gift if computers. 

You too can contribute to making the world better by opting for the best computer courses. 

5. Successful Career

Certain skills and expertise are required to become an expert in Computer Science.

While debugging a program or finding ways to prevent hackers from breaching your company’s firewall, skills like critical thinking and problem-solving go hand in hand 

Data Analytical skills are especially useful for professionals who work with big data or algorithms and are looking for patterns or creating instructions.

A successful career in a computer requires great attention and patience. The first program may not necessarily work so you have to start calm while undergoing trial and error to find the best possible solution to a particular problem. 

Attention to detail can make or break your application or software program. 

But all these skills can be combined and be applied to IT occupations anywhere in the world.

Programming languages are the same everywhere, and if you want to travel throughout your career, IT careers will allow you to do that. Apart from being a demanding career option, the computer is also a rewarding one.

The traditional form of education has seen a great transformation and now instead of long offline courses, students prefer short term online courses which keep them at ease as they don’t have to travel and are free to study at any point of the day. 

There are four types of courses 

1. Long Term Offline Courses

These will include doing full time or part-time 4 years of engineering in computer science, BCA or any other course. This is a long course and requires some eligible criteria. 

2. Long Term Online Courses

A lot of online courses are also available for mastering computers and becoming professionals. These are long term i.e a year or more. These courses extensively cover everything.

The course material and tests are provided to you in the form of videos or pdf or both. Various tests are conducted based on the syllabus taught and based on that certification is given to candidates. 

3. Short Term Offline Courses

Various coaching institutes also have computer courses in their curriculum. These courses are for shorter duration maybe 2-3 months. Physical classes are available for these courses.

The classes are held on a weekly or on weekends at a particular time specified by the institute. Here also the exam is conducted and based on that certification is provided.

4. Short Term Courses

This is the best option among all the mentioned ones. These courses are available online in the form of videos or pdf or both.

There is no set time or duration for which you are required to sit for the course. One can complete the course as per his/her convenience. However, some courses have a duration after which the course is no longer available to you. 

Now that you have understood why one should opt for computer courses and the types of computer courses, the next thing in line is the Computer courses list.