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Courses Eligibility Criteria of Fashion Designer Course Free Diploma

  • Minimum Qualification Requirements: 8 pass
  • Age Requirements: 17 to 50

Admission Process:

Diploma and Certificate Courses of Fashion Designer Course Free Diploma

  1. Offline Class
  2. Online Class

Offline Class —(Totally Free Of Cost) of Fashion Designer Course Free Diploma

Offline class Its mean you Direct Go to Our Institute and Take admission there, after the admission you have to join direct class

every day , There Is a three Time Of classes

a) 8:00am to 12:00pm

b)12:00pm to 4:00pm

c)4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

you can take any time for class regarding your needs , you have to select any one time for regular attending the class

But one thing Must be Remember you have to attain at least 80% of total class, As example if class is 180 days then you have to attain minimum 150 days , other wise your registration will be cancel, and you cant sit on exam and you will also not get certificate ,

Fashion Designer Course Free Diploma

Online Class

Online Class Means You have to study Online throw out Your mobile phone ,tab, Computer, Laptop Etc From Your Home ,

Teacher Will Teach you and guide You from the institute and he/she will give you home work, after the complete the course , you will seat on the exam through Online and then you will get Certificate ,marksheet and Registration Number , all the Document Will send to your register address and your register mail id , You have to pay Rs2000(Two Thousand ) for currier charge ,

Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklace, because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, must at times anticipate

Syllabus of Fashion Designer Course Free Diploma

🛑 Overview of Domen🛑 

1️⃣Introduction of a sewing machine.

2️⃣Uses of different type of sewing machine like single needle lockstitch machine, overlock machine, button hole machine.

3️⃣Practice of making seam different type of stitches tucks pleat etc.

4️⃣Preventive and breakdown maintenance of sewing machine and needle.


6️⃣Fibre, fabric

7️⃣Discuss about apparel sectors in India

8️⃣Fashion and styling

9️⃣Fashion designing.

🛑 Design Ideas🛑 

1️⃣Practical knowledge of different type of motifs traditional Indian motifs.

2️⃣Type of costume like s party wear, casual wear, formal wear.

3️⃣Practical work on historical costume of India according to state.

4️⃣Fashion designing project on historical costume according to state.

6️⃣Surface ornamentation study design on paper check, stripes, prints.

7️⃣Fashion designing project on historical costume of Western countries.

8️⃣Project report

9️⃣A complete file of your client.

🛑 Garments constraction 🛑

1️⃣Know about instruments uses in garments constraction.

2️⃣ Measurements & National and international size chart.

3️⃣ Know about pattern and it’s uses

4️⃣ Practice of pattern making different type of collar, sleeves, necklines, pockets.

5️⃣ Basic body measurement of human body 

6️⃣ Pattern making of following Garments..

Petticoat (4cut, 6cut)

Baby Frock, women frocy (A-line, pleated, umbrella cutting)





Half pant

Baba suite

Men’s Punjabi

Men’s T-shirt

Women’s T-shirt

Women’s Top

Different type of Blouses ( Teken , princess cut, Bombay cutting)


Skirts ( A-line, gather, pleated, umbrella cutting)



7️⃣ Defects correction of the garments

🛑 Fashion and Textile Design 🛑

Knowledge off basic colour.

2️⃣ Fabric painting

Freehand fabric painting

Stencil work

Spray work

Block printing

Screen printing

3️⃣ Fashion illustration

4️⃣ Practice of defferent stitches and Embroidery

Basic hand embroidery


Banjara embroidery

Banni or Heer Bharat (Gujarat)

Chamba Rumal (Himachal Pradesh)

Chikankari (Uttar Pradesh)

Gota (Jaipur, Rajasthan)

Kantha (Bengal)

Karchobi – Rajasthan

Kasuti or Kasuthi (Karnataka)

Kathi (Gujarat)

Kutch or Aribharat

Kutchi bharat/Sindhi stitch (Gujarat)

Kashmiri embroidery

Mukesh Work- (similar to chikankari) -Lucknow

Phool patti Ka Kaam (Uttar Pradesh)

Punjabi embroidery (fulkari)

Pichwai (Rajasthan)

Pipli Applique (Odisha)

Rabari (Rajasthan and Gujarat)

Shamilami (Manipur)

Shisha or Mirrorwork (Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan)

Toda embroidery

Zardozi or Zari or kalabattu

5️⃣ Rendering Techniques with water colour.

6️⃣ Fabric Rendering 

7️⃣ Presentation techniques on paper

Mood Board

Design Development

8️⃣ Dye

Natural dyes

Chemical dyes



9️⃣ Type of weaves

🛑 Market Survey🛑 

1️⃣ Know about Apparel sector in India

2️⃣ Project Report on Market Survey

3️⃣ Quality control over of a product

4️⃣ Costing of a product

5️⃣ Prepared Techpack

6️⃣ Prepared cost sheet of product.

🛑Soft skill🛑

1️⃣ Maintain work area tools and computers

2️⃣ Maintain health, safety and security at work place.

3️⃣ Perform emargency procedures.

4️⃣ Maintain Hygiene.

5️⃣ Write your resume.

6️⃣ Domonstrate the Preparation for the interview.