Free Beautician Course (6 Month)

Free Beautician Course (6 Month) , Gprs Studio Is a Government Skill Training School, here You can Learn Diploma in Acting, Dancing, Singing, Nursing Training, Beautician ,Fashion Designer, Hotel management ,Computer ,There Is Two type of Class Mode1) Online 2)

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Courses Eligibility Criteria of Free Beautician Course (6 Month)

  • Minimum Qualification Requirements: 8 pass
  • Age Requirements: 17 to 50

Admission Process of Free Beautician Course (6 Month)

  1. Offline Class
  2. Online Class

Offline Class —(Totally Free Of Cost)

Offline class Its mean you Direct Go to Our Institute and Take admission there, after the admission you have to join direct class

every day , There Is a three Time Of classes

a) 8:00am to 12:00pm

b)12:00pm to 4:00pm

c)4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

you can take any time for class regarding your needs , you have to select any one time for regular attending the classBut one thing Must be Remember you have to attain at least 80% of total class, As example if class is 180 days then you have to attain minimum 150 days , other wise your registration will be cancel, and you cant sit on exam and you will also not get certificate ,

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Online Class of Free Beautician Course (6 Month)

Online Class Means You have to study Online throw out Your mobile phone ,tab, Computer, Laptop Etc From Your Home , Teacher Will Teach you and guide You from the institute and he/she will give you home work, after the complete the course , you will seat on the exam through Online and then you will get Certificate ,marksheet and Registration Number , all the Document Will send to your register address and your register mail id , You have to pay Rs2000(Two Thousand ) for currier charge

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Eligibility of Free Beautician Course (6 Month): Passed Class X Board Exam

Duration: 10 months

Beautician Course Job Salar

Course Outline: Skin theory, threading, variety types of facial, variety types of hair removal, variety types of hair binding, pedicure, manicure, hand polishing, back polishing, foot spa, foot massage, head massage, henna application, basic makeup, nail art, product knowledge, variety Types of sareedrapping, scissor practice, hair sectioning, shampooing, brush knowledge, straight cut, u cut, blunt cut, mushroom cut, inverted blunt, step cut, layers cut, mix & match cut, blow dry setting, oil message, global hair colour, highlight hair colour, hair spa, hair Treatment, hair tong, setting hair straightening, chrimping, purming, tatoo haircut, bridal make up, party make up, groom make up.

Work Area: This is a combined course of makeup, hair-care and beauty. On completion of this course, a student can work as a Beautician, Spa Therapist, Hair Dresser, Makeup Artist, Beauty Consultant, Salon Manager, & Self Employee in the Beauty & Fashion Industry or as an owner of his/her own salon.

Syllabus of Free Beautician Course (6 Month)

Introduction The trainee will be able to Core skills/
to beauty  Describe different types of organizations Generic skills
sector and within the beauty related industries. and
generic skills  Describe different job roles in beauty and Professional
wellness sector. skills
 Carry out communication effectively with coworkers & customers.
 Use appropriate gestures
 Speak, read and write in English
2 Anatomy and The trainee will be able to Technical/Do
Physiology  Know the structure and function of the skin main
 Understand the characteristics of the skin and Knowledge
skin types of different ethnic client groups
 Know the position of the head, face, neck,
chest and shoulder girdle bones and muscles
 Know the effect of the natural ageing process
on the facial and bleach skin and muscle tone
S. Topic/Module Duration Key Learning Outcomes Correspondin
No (in g NOS Code
 Know the structure of the hair and basic
principles of hair growth
 Know the bones, muscles and blood
circulation related to the hand, foot, lower
arm and lower leg
 Know the process of nail growth
3 Prepare and The trainee will be able to BWS/N0101
maintain work  Select suitable materials and equipment and
area required for the client
 Set up the materials and equipment for
treatments following salon procedures and
any given instructions
 Carry out appropriate sterilization and
disinfection for tools
 Carry out checks to ensure that environmental
conditions are suitable for the client and the
 Dispose waste materials safely and correctly
 Check and clean equipment according to
manufacturers’ instructions and salon
 Leave the work area in a clean and
hygienic condition suitable for further
4 Provide basic The trainee will be able to BWS/N0102
skin care  Carry out basic facial care/face clean-up
treatment process using the tools and materials and as
process laid down by the organization
 Clean the skin free it of all traces of make-up
by using suitable deep cleansing techniques
 Know the methods to adapt facial and bleach
techniques for the client
 Use an exfoliation technique suitable for the
client’s skin type and skin condition.
 Use a suitable skin warming technique
relevant to the client’s needs.
 Carry out any necessary extraction, when
 Apply mask treatments evenly and neatly,
ensuring that the area to be treated is
S. Topic/Module Duration Key Learning Outcomes Correspondin
No (in g NOS Code
 Remove masks after the recommended time
frame has elapsed
 Carry out cleaning to ensure skin is left clean,
toned and suitably moisturized
 Provide specific after-process advice to the
5 Carry out The trainee will be able to BWS/N0103
basic epilation  Carry out the process using the tools and
services materials (hot wax, cold wax, strips etc).
 Check the client’s understanding and
expectation prior to commencement and
clarify doubts, if any
 Apply the correct pre-wax products prior to
 Conduct a test patch and skin sensitivity test
ahead of the waxing treatment
 Maintain the client’s modesty and privacy at all
 Clean the treated area and use a suitable
soothing product.
 Carry out threading services
 Ensure safe and quick hair removal methods
are carried out to minimize discomfort to the
 Ensure the hair removal methods are carried
out at a comfortable distance from the client
whilst maintaining the correct tension of the

 Provide clear instructions to the client on how
and when to support their skin throughout the
threading service
 Create a well-balanced, proportioned and
defined eyebrow shape to suit the client’s
requirements, when required
 Check the client’s wellbeing throughout the
service and give the necessary reassurance
 Check with the client on satisfaction with the
finished result
 Provide specific after process advice to the
S. Topic/Module Duration Key Learning Outcomes Correspondin
No (in g NOS Code
6 Provide The trainee will be able to BWS/N0104
manicure and  Check the client’s understanding and
pedicure expectation prior to commencement and
services clarify doubts, if any
 Clean and dry the client’s feet/ hands as a part
of preparation
 File the nails correctly, ensuring that the nail
free edge is left smoothed and shaped to the
required length
 Apply suitable cuticle products during the
process to ensure no damage to the cuticle
and nail plate
 Remove any excessive hard skin using a foot
rasp, without discomfort to the client, if
 Use appropriate massage mediums and
techniques to meet the client’s needs
 Apply suitable base coat/polish coats and
top coat relevant to the client’s needs, as
 Clean the treated area and use a suitable
soothing product.
 Check with the client on satisfaction with the
finished result.
Provide specific after-process advice to the client
7 Assist the The trainee will be able to BWS/N0105
performing  Arrange tools and products that are safe and
beauty fit for the purpose based on the guidelines
services  Assist the beauticians and makeup artists with
the products and the services under guidance
based on the procedure laid out by the
 Assist to resolve any problems occurring
during the process using the relevant
corrective action
 Assist cleaning up the post-treatment waste to
maintain the health and safety standard.
8 Maintain The trainee will be able to BWS/N0106
health and  Set up the work area to meet legal, hygiene
safety at the and treatment requirements
S. Topic/Module Duration Key Learning Outcomes Correspondin
No (in g NOS Code
workplace  Clean and sterilize all tools and equipment
before use
 Maintaining accepted industry hygiene and
safety practices throughout the work routine
 Minimize fatigue and the risk of injury whilst
 Dispose waste materials safely and correctly
 Leave the work area in a condition suitable for
further use
 Identify potential harmful working practices in
the workplace
 Report health and safety risks/ hazards to
concerned personnel
 Carry out the work in accordance with
workplace instructions, suppliers’ or
manufacturers’ instructions for the safe use of
equipment, materials and products and legal
 Monitor the contra-indications related to
beauty treatments and follow preventive
9 Create a The trainee will be able to BWS/N0107
positive  Maintain good health and personal hygiene
impression at  Comply with organization’s standards of
the workplace grooming and personal behaviour
 Meet the organization’s standards of
courtesy, behaviour and efficiency
 Wear and carry organization’s uniform and
accessories correctly and smartly
 Take appropriate and approved actions in line
with instructions and guidelines
 Record details related to tasks, as per
 Participate in workplace activities as a part of
the larger team
 Report to supervisor immediately in case there
are any work issues
 Use appropriate language, tone and gestures
while interacting with clients from different
cultural and religious backgrounds, age,
disabilities and gender
 Assist and guide clients to services or products
based on their needs
S. Topic/Module Duration Key Learning Outcomes Corresponding
No (in NOS Code
 Report and record instances of aggressive/
unruly behaviour and seek assistance
 File routine reports and feedback
 Maintain confidentiality o