Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma Course)

        Brief Job Description:- Individuals in this job are usually the first contact point in healthcare organizations encountered by patients and visitors, whether on the phone, online or in person. They assist in coordination at Front Desk at Healthcare Facility Personal Attributes: -The job requires individuals to have good communication skills and ability to handle a high level of stress and activity while managing fast- paced office duties. They must be computer savvy. They must be skilled to interact with a wide range of personality types in both pleasant and difficult situations . The job requires individuals to possess key qualities such as patience, confidence, maturity, compassion, patient centricity, good listening circumstances HFree Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diplomaospital Front Desk Coordinator Course .Customer Interaction and Handling Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course:- To be competent, the user/individual on the job must be able toPC1. analyze the requirement of visitors and answer the queries accordingly.PC2. handle the queries received over a phone/mail/visiting patients etc. applying relevant medical words & terms used in hospitals.

Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

 PC3. coordinate for care needs with other care providers through appropriate communication method.PC4. manage need and requirement of patient’s relative and hospital/clinic staff.PC5. enter patient details and other data in Hospital Information System/relevant communication channel.PC6. Up- to-date with latest details & schedules of Doctors, specialties, appointment timings, bed occupancy, approx. discharge timings, cost etc. Manage patient flow:- PC7. manage requirements of patients, their attendants & visitors from admission to dischargePC8. manage requirements of doctors & hospital staffPC9. manage special requirements of differently abled persons or special needs required by patientsPC10. handle tactfully Officials & VIPs as per the needs in accordance to hospital policiesPC11.ensure smooth patient flow within the hospital Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course.PC12. ensure hospital environment is comfortable & pleasing to patients, visitors, employees & others Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Carry out patient registration Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course:- registrationPC13. collect information and documents for patient registration complying with regulatory and organizational requirementsPC14. cross check the identity document details of the patients against originalPC15. complete the registration details after interacting with the patient/attenders & concerned physician on details including room type, room number, tariff details, health insurance details, payment method etc.PC16.receive patient/attendant signature on completed patient registration documentPC17. update the patient registration details to relevant authority.PC18. return the original document immediately after scanning or copyingPC19. ensure all mandatory patient details are captured as per regulatory requirementPC20. cross check patient details appropriately for patient identification purposes Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

& ethical aspects of front desk management Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course:-PC21. address the concerns as per the set TAT (Turn Around Time) criteria for the area involved.PC22. set different goals for patient care keeping in mind the hospitals policyPC23. raise alarm and announce emergency code as defined & as per situationPC24 maintain confidentiality of patient records, medico legal cases, preservation, information management 25. comply with relevant legislation, standards, policies and procedure’s Assist for TPA services:- services PC26.assist for queries regarding availing of medical insurancePC27. direct the patient/attenders to the concerned department or authorityPC28. assist for various third party payment mechanisms including CGHS, ECHS, Public Sector undertakings, types of special arrangements , Universal Health Insurance coverage scheme in prevalent statesPC29. ensure eligible person is availing the facility Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Provide comfort to visitors/customers and patients as per organizational process Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course:-To be competent, the user/individual on the job must be able toPC1. maintain service excellence in healthcare settings keeping empathy, passion and patience Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course.PC2. meet patients / visitors expectations as much as possible in various hospital areas in accordance to organizational policiesPC3. coordinate to address complaints related to service providedPC4. ensure corrective & preventive actions are taken timely for patients / visitors concernsPC5. know the departmental process and adhere to them while assistingPC6. indulge in training at regular intervals to learn best practicesPC7. apply process quality tools used in the organization as directed Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Process payments transactions & Reconcile patient accounts Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course:- To be competent, the user/individual on the job must be able toPC1. identify the services being rendered to the clientPC2. assess accurateness of the invoice generated through various meansPC3. check that payments from patients are valid and accuratePC4. record payments from patients promptly and accurately as per organizational policiesPC5. record clearly and accurately the reasons if payments are overdue Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course.PC6. identify problems accurately and sort them out promptlPC7. inform senior or concerned authority promptly about any problems which can’t be sorted outPC8. store collected payments securely and in line with organization policies.PC9. check that charges, credits made to patient accounts are correcC10.identify and sort out problems with patient accountsPC11.inform senior or concerned authority promptly about problems with patient accounts which are beyond the limits of competence & authority Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Communicating & maintaining professional behavior with co-workers and patients & their families:- To be competent, the user/individual on the job must be able toPC1. communicate effectively with all individuals regardless of age, caste, gender, community or other characteristics without using terminology unfamiliar to themPC2. utilize all training and information at one’s disposal to provide relevant information to the individualPC3. confirm that the needs of the individual have been metPC4. respond to queries and information needs of all individuals Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course.PC5. adhere to guidelines provided by one’s organization or regulatory body relating to confidentialityPC6. respect the individual’s need for privacyPC7. maintain any records required at the end of the interaction Working with other people to meet requirements:- PC8. integrate one’s work with other people’s work effectivelyPC9. utilize time effectively and pass on essential information to other people on timely basis0PC10. work in a way that shows respect for other peoplePC11. carry out any commitments made to other peopleC12. reason out the failure to fulfill commitmentPC13. identify any problems with team members and other people and take the initiative to solve these problems Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Establishing and managing requirements:- PC14. clearly establish, agree, and record the work requirementsPC15. ensure his/her work meets the agreed requirementsPC16. treat confidential information correctly Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course.PC17. work in line with the organization’s procedures and policies and within the limits of his/her job roleActing within the limit of one’s competence and authority:- To be competent, the user/individual on the job must be able toPC1. adhere to legislation, protocols and guidelines relevant to one’s role and field of practicePC2. work within organizational systems and requirements as appropriate to one’s rolePC3. recognize the boundary of one’s role and responsibility and seek supervision when situations are beyond one’s competence and authorityPC4. maintain competence within one’s role and field of practice Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

Free Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Course (1year Diploma

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Only You have to pay Rs 2000/-(two thousand Rupees Only ) For The Certificate Courier Charge,

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Online Class And Mark sheet Details

Online Class And Mark sheet Details,

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